Fighting for Justice and a

Resource Based Economy

Sorkin's Charter

Est 1991


I have been talking about revolution for decades. It started at a very young age. My quest was for answers to why people treated other people so badly, without consideration and guilt? I started by searching cult bookstores, being refered to secretive texts, and studying the powers of this earth, the people, and history on all subject matter. How did a few families achieve dominance and power over the massive majority of earth's population without us noticing? What groups, alliances and corporations had they set up? How do they create war and peace, and how do they manage to indoctrinate people by design? I spoke with many different people from around the world. I could not always speak freely, especially at the start of my journey. I had to be careful on the subject at hand. For reasons now known, people had deep aversions for change towards the positive attitude of life. People thought i was crazy for some time. I had very few and close trusted loved ones that drove me on by motivating me, actually, at the start it was one person. That person would say "there is no one else to do this, you are the only one and you must do it because it needs to be done". How could I not pursue the task at hand? For several decades to come, nearly all the people i spoke with openly said 'it will never happen, people will never change the way things are because its impossible to take the power from the rich elite". I did not give up, especially at my low point when depressed and alone. I continued to search the globe for ways to change others and in particular, the belief system. I have religiously studied the facts to state the obvious case for change in favour of all of us, and the facts are out there for all of us to see if we know where to look. I live in London UK. The powerhouse of world business and law. The invention of the world wide web has given us the power to share vital truths. The www did not exist when i started sharing the message of true freedom. Thankfully it is here now and it is the internet that has empowered others to find like minds, act and join hands. For those of you in need of the facts? I will show you through here.

On the 10 of June 1991, the movement was officially born. Its 2011, twenty years now and its happening. All around the world people are standing against the tyranny of governments out of control and in the hands of financiers. The very same financiers that own the world and its resources with silly bits of paper. Its not about paper, its about human life and the respect of our earth. Our relationship with the earth and its resources comes way before the welfare of a few elite individual families. The man who followed this dream and how it ended up here, will reveal himself when the time is right. Those of you who know me and have been pointed here? Thank you for taking the time to read on. It is you that is creating change in the world, because you are the awoken, and masses are coming with. This journey is nearly up, the end of the road is nearby, where the beginning of just and respectful life on earth will take place. Please spread this word, and remember, we are in this together. Do not take no for an answer.

Gugu and The Gugu (non) Political Party is the only common sense choice for voters. Gugu's primary objective is to secure an interim political agenda committed to transparency and accountability. Gugu proposes the reclamation and re-direction of current tax revenues for the purpose of providing the world's population with free access to basic needs, as a birthright. We also expose, and call for an end to private bank cartels charging us interest to produce our own money and an end to bailouts that lead to bonus structures for spoilt little boys in suits gambling with our finance, made from fraudulent laws and legislation. 

We are all slaves, not by irons on our wrists and ankles, but shackled at the mind by paper (money) and laws made up by the elite banking family's of the global empire. This is a message to those family's of nearly a millennia. We know who you are now. We know thine enemy. Leave us alone, we do not need your megalomanic ideals, nor do we want to be indoctrinated anymore. Your methods are out in the open for all those that bother to look. Its only a matter of time before your empire crashes, and we take you onto the streets to place you into stocks, where you will be answerable to the afflicted peoples, for your persistent crimes against humanity. We the people are waking up, and all those that are still sleeping will follow eventually, because that's what sheep do when they are lost, they follow the shepherd to trust. Gugu.

Our aim is to remove the powers of the big banking family's then take the global political system and turn it on its head. We are not communists. We are not Socialists. We are not a flash in the pan. We are committed to holding the elite family and it's political big names accountable. The very same political party's who are actually slaves to the bank cartels. They, along with global corporations, are answerable for outrageous crimes against humanity caused and acted out in their bloodthirsty quest for control and ownership of all our planetary resources. The abuse of our humanity has led to an opportunity for them to enslave us further and enter us into wars we do not understand or need. These family's must be brought to justice and soon for all our sakes.

They strip our liberties with draconian laws backed by a corrupt legal system tied up in stupid money spinning games, further enabling legislation that's pushed through parliaments in the dead of night.

The police force is now the family's government/corporate enforcer for legalised revenue collection. I use the word legalised very loosely. The police act as a personal security firm for global corporations and the upper class, by bullying, taking away our rights to appeal and demonstrate, along with making the rules to suit themselves. We have had enough. Its time to take back our dignity, freedom, towns, countries and world and instead put in place a sensible, well managed and sustainable future for all the world's inhabitants, starting right in in the epicentre of world trade and monetary creation: London, England, United Kingdom.

Gugu re-defines politics by looking at ways to incorporate differing aspects of existing political parties, but unlike the present choices, gugu will apply common sense when dealing with the issues that affect the majority of us.  

You may want to play a fundamental role in the daily life of your government. Voting on issues that need public opinion. There shall be no more allowing failing governments to represent the electorate for four or five years at a time, whilst they destroy values, honesty and the pledges made by them to get into office.

You may want real-time control over decision-making processes that will be the key to real change. Your vote is supposed to hold the power and not be ignored by the party in office, who in turn dictate power to us, not listening to a word we say, claiming its because we do not understand and moreover blaming the inherited problems of the previous governments. Parties in power never answer our fears or indeed questions adequately? When we make a stand, they beat us back into line, kettling us like farm animals, dishing out abuse and utilising a police force we pay for with our taxes.  

Governments label us terrorists because we challenge their methods of control. They bully us into submission by using sound bites on TV, produced by biased media houses; funded by the very same banking organisations we bail out when they hold us to ransom. Give us money to cover our losses, bankers cry, or we are going to bankrupt the country. The bankers put us into debt and when we, the taxpayer bail them out without consultation, they have the audacity to charge interest on the loan and then go on to pay huge bonuses for failing. Gordon Brown sanctioned a bail out deal without asking where the money was going and without assurances, nay contracts that the failing banks would not receive bonuses. Would you have let that slide? Gugu would not. 

Remember the march on London against the UK entering into war in Iraq? Remember how Tony Blair lied and cheated his way into war over alleged weapons of mass destruction? Remember how Blair and Bush ignored the United Nations decision to then go on and invade a country we still occupy to date (June 2011). 

Politicians are voted in by us and are supposed to work for us, representing public opinion not the opinions of war mongering presidents and leaders from thousands of miles away. 

Computing and the internet has gifted us the power to organise and manage in astronomical ways. Finally it is possible to improve human life across the globe, catering for those who struggle for survival on a daily basis.

We have the human skills and management techniques, along with computer technology required to implement targeted ways of helping our fellow human beings, regardless of location, religious preference or cultural difference.  

We need to audit the earth and its resources immediately. And we need to consider the requirements of all of the world’s inhabitants. Finally we need to create and manage sensible ways to use resource to supply our needs, making sure we do not waste, over-use or neglect future needs. 

Gugu proposes Basic needs for all and will not rest until it is taken seriously across the globe. Gugu as an interim process will not cost us a penny, certainly not more than the outrageous demands we already face, in fact we will save on resource and help sustain the planet for generations to come and beyond. And ultimately arrive at a total resource based economy without the need for money.

Humanity and the Planet are in serious trouble at the hands of corporations and media controlled governments. The, “I'm alright Jack" mentality is not welcome.

It is time to reclaim planet earth from the power hungry elite bank fronted groups. The same groups that play war and peace with us by merely making a telephone call or sending an email. 

Gugu finds ways to provide basic needs, for every man, woman and child on planet earth. Gugu wants us to think and most importantly discuss carefully the notion of using technological advancements to roll out a healthy more efficient world, with all of our welfare and benefit firmly in mind. Focusing on the relationship between human and earth resources. 

We must have basic needs to survive. We are unable to escape this fact. Basic needs are vital for survival. Without basic needs, we die. We must converse to one another using open minds until the solution to the basic need injustice, reaches tipping point.  

Too many of earth's inhabitants are forced to meet demands of upper class and privileged society, in order to continue the struggle for access to basic needs. We, the majority, work more hours for less money Tax is rising to cope with political institutions negligence. Corporations are sacking people and forcing those who stay with the "option" of picking up the slack by doing two jobs for the price of one, or following those despatched, onto the job market. Times have changed. More and more machines and computers are doing the jobs of humans. The idea everyone should have a job is nonsense. And ironically, it’s proving to be the case. Unemployment and poverty is increasing due to the development, growth and movement of global corporations. Corporations are by definition based on profiteering and in the main are not interested in sustainability.

Shareholders place huge demands on companies to increase revenue streams in the form of profit. The investors also fuel hedge fund managers to gamble on shorts, puts, and derivatives, in short gambling without really spending. Off shore accounts are bulging with cash owned by the elitist old boy networks. The big players who choose to bank offshore are flouting tax payments and it’s the workforce, us, taking the blows. Economies are being made and broken at the signature of a contract.  

Manufacturers are moving from the developed nations and entering into contracts with third world countries, so as to mass produce goods, with reduced workforce costs and thus bigger profit margins. Remote service industries such as call centres are doing exactly the same. The said corporations are changing operating procedures so as to maximise profit margins. Low wages are being paid because corrupt overseas third world countries allow it.  The margins of profit are increasing for the blue chips whilst for the masses, poverty increases and creates uncal led for deaths through disease, slavery and impoverished conditions. Those same afflicted, have little or no hope of accessing basic human rights and needs. Growth in this way is nothing but a Ponzi scheme, a bubble waiting to burst. We, the common people are taking all the blows and it is going to lead to further disaster. Eventually the wages will be so low, the option to move will not be available. 

Many more of the six billion and growing earth population is close to, on or below the poverty line. This is wrong. We are a mighty number. We need to stand together and rise up against the tyranny of governments and global institutions and bodies. we need to start using our brainpower and social networking opportunities, which are far stronger than tanks and missiles. We must prove to be unstoppable by never forgetting this and act now.  

Gugu is the alternative we have craved for some time now. I know, I hear you every day, in increasing numbers. You are unhappy with many things. Here is your chance to stand up and be recognised, be counted and taken seriously. You need only get up and join the global movement for change.  

Roughly 90% of the earth economy is in 1%, yes ONE percent of the world’s population. That is wrong in whatever language you care to say it in. (example)

We MUST make the difference. Language is here for all of us. Language can eventually change the minds of all those around you, especially those scared to speak out.  

Stop being controlled by draconian laws, institutions and banking cartels who create debt money by borrowing us our own money. Numbers are generated on computer screens in fancy offices, so they in-turn can gamble without loss because they know when they lose the public bail them out. Threats of economic melt down is their forte. Global bank cartels are protected by governments and police who secure their anonymity. The banks influence opinion by providing capital to corruptible, campaigning political parties. Their quest to take office is only allowed if they fulfil the agenda of the money men. There are groups who make and break prime-ministers, presidents and leaders of countries and long before the events are happening.

Speak out by talking of change for the better. Convince others that the true power is in massive people numbers standing against elitist corruption.  When we hear people say: "it will never work" send them here. Gugu, together we will make gugu policy happen. 

It’s about detachment from ego and living in the now. Give yourself up for the greater good. Stop being tied to your immediate surroundings of unhappiness and delusion. The system doesn't work for you and it should do as we tell it too. Share this truth and let others know about this movement for great change. Shout from the treetops that you are ready for change and want help to do it, and if you are not sure how to do it? No problem. Come to gugu and we will do it together. 

We are living in very exciting times. The healing is massive and to deny it is too late. Those who control your daily lives have had it easy and very wrong for some time now. Gugu can absolutely guarantee you are being given more work for less pay right now, unless of course you are a banker?   It is time for great change. Time to have compassion, time to look after those in terrible trouble. Time to feed and put clothes on the backs of humans across the world, our world, our one and only world. Time to "make the difference". Now is the time for us to "make the difference", the future is now. It’s all about gugu and gugu is all about you.  

Resource Based Economy Now 
Audit the Earths Resources Now 
Establish our True Basic Need Requirements Now 
Plan for our Future NOW     


The Political Party
Ending Our Enslavement